A rainy day in Edinburgh

Rain is common in Edinburgh. But this not a good reason enough not to walk around and learn something .. since there's so much to learn there !


Leith Docks

Blue bridge, industrial architecture, this is Leith Docks

Back in the greenhouse

How to enjoy your Saturday in Edinburgh ? Take a walk in the Botanic Gardens ! Peaceful, full of amazing plants, and there's a greenhouse !!

Edinburgh Castle Walk

Up to Castle Roc is a beautiful historic fortress, the Edinburgh Castle. From at least the 12th Century to 1633, this castle has been a royal residence. Because it is one of the most important strongholds in Scotland, it was involved during many historical conflicts, such as during the Wars of Scottish Independence during the 14th Century, or the Jacobite rising in 1745. The Castle is at the west of Old Town, which is the center of the city. Castle Rock being volcanic, it offers sheer cliffs north and south and a steep ascent from the west, so it is a natural defended place. 

Calton Hill

Yesterday walk was up Calton Hill, also called the Northern Athens. This is very stunning place, find out more about it here !

New Home

Big adventure and new life in Edinburgh ... here is the beginning of the story !

Books #1 – What I read this summer

So I thought I would do a new kind of article here. Actually, I had this idea for a very long time, but never had the time or the inspiration to write and picture it. As today is a grey and gloomy day, just as I like them (you can throw a comfy knit over your dress and drink hot coffee without being too hot yourself), I took all the books I read this summer and my camera, and I had fun shooting some content for this article. Finally.