Golden Light on Marchmond

What's hard during winter is that there is no light. The night starts around 3.30pm and the day around 8.30 am. But when the weather has been clear and amazing all day, the sky is just amazingly beautiful and the light as the sun goes down ... describing it would be impossible. So I'll leave …


The Hairy Coos

Here is a story about my first day out of Edinburgh and up to the amazing Scottish highlands!

Into the Wild

Duddingston Loch is the only example of a natural freshwater lock in Edinburgh. About a 40 minutes walk from the city center, it is an important site for both breeding and wintering wildfowl. Located in the southern part of Holyrood Park it hosts areas of mixed woodland, scrub, grassland, and reedbeds.

St Margareth’s Loch

Arthur's Seat and its whereabouts are probably the most stunning and breathtaking place of Edinburgh. In only a few minutes, you are out of the city, surrounded by nature. Right in the middle of Scotland's capital.