Cozy Thursdays

Thurday is my favorite day : it's time for coffee and coziness with my friends !


Rainy Day

On Friday I had a conversation with an American and we spoke about the differences between the USA and France. She said that in the USA, the cities are built with perpendicular streets, but Paris was a complete mess of streets. It made me laugh. Because this is why I love Paris so much.

Fall, I’m in love with you

Truly. Deeply. I love fall. You know, when the trees become orange, brown, even red, and that your feet make a soft noise of cracking on the dead leaves. The season of walk is here and I'm so so so happy about it !

Road Trip along the sea

On our second day in Spain, we decided to plan a road trip along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where there are all the plantations. This area of Andalusia has a micro climate, which allowed farmers to cultivate many kinds of different vegetables...